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The European B2B logistics landscape is currently experiencing a period of transformative growth, characterized by the emergence of several innovative startups that have achieved unicorn status. In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business world, the need for efficiency and innovation in logistics has become more crucial than ever before. Europe, being at the forefront of this transformation, boasts a number of B2B logistics platforms that are leading the charge in revolutionizing the industry.

Let’s take a closer look at 10 key players that are driving this transformation:

  1. InstaFreight (Germany): InstaFreight provides digital logistics services for overland transport in Europe, streamlining the shipping process and improving efficiency. With their advanced technology, InstaFreight is revolutionizing the way goods are transported across the continent.
  2. CENFOOD (Germany): The leading solution for procurement and distribution in the food retail industry. CENFOOD is the simple solution for consolidated procurement of non-stock items, which food retailers currently have to individually source and invoice from each supplier, in order to reduce significant costs for buyers and suppliers.
  3. (Germany): This innovative platform focuses on air cargo logistics, streamlining operations for airlines and freight forwarding companies through the use of real-time data. By offering cost efficiency and optimal route planning, is revolutionizing the way air cargo logistics is conducted.
  4. Sennder (Germany): As a digital freight-forwarding company, Sennder connects shippers and carriers using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that optimize routes and reduce empty mileage. Through their innovative approach, Sennder is transforming the way goods are transported across Europe.
  5. Transporeon (Germany): Operating as a cloud-based logistics platform, Transporeon facilitates connections between shippers and carriers by providing real-time tracking, automated order management, and freight rate benchmarking. With their advanced technology, Transporeon is redefining logistics management and improving supply chain efficiency.
  6. Forto (Germany): Forto is a digital freight forwarder that offers end-to-end logistics services to businesses. Their platform features real-time tracking, automated customs clearance, and online booking, making the shipping process more efficient and streamlined.
  7. Shippeo (France): Shippeo provides real-time transportation visibility, allowing companies to track their shipments and optimize their supply chains. By offering this valuable service, Shippeo is enhancing the efficiency and reliability of logistics operations.
  8. FreightHub (Germany): As a digital freight forwarder, FreightHub offers a fully digitalized booking experience for both air and sea freight. By leveraging technology, FreightHub is simplifying the shipping process and improving overall efficiency.
  9. Docloop (France): Automatically process all your documents. Free your operators from manual and repetitive tasks; Docloop categorizes, understands and extracts data from all your documents in real time, with an accuracy rate of over 90%. Errors and exceptions are handled by our live operators.

  10. Quicargo (Netherlands): Quicargo is a digital freight network that connects shippers with available trucking space, optimizing cargo transportation and reducing empty miles. Through their innovative platform, Quicargo is making freight transportation more efficient and sustainable.

This wave of innovation not only signifies growth in the European logistics sector but also reflects a commitment to sustainable and efficient logistics solutions. We are currently witnessing a pivotal moment in the industry, one that promises a more integrated and environmentally responsible future for logistics in Europe.

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