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Step 3 – Explore & Validate

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Step 3 – market validation

Rigorous Validation of Platform Opportunity

In step 3 of our venture-building process, we focus on the rigorous validation of the platform opportunity, a critical phase where we transition from theory to practice. This step is about confirming the viability and scalability of the platform or marketplace idea in the real world. By employing a combination of data analysis, market research, and initial user feedback, we aim to test the waters and understand the actual demand for our proposed solution. This validation process allows us to refine our value proposition, ensuring it meets the needs of our target audience and stands a strong chance of achieving long-term success in a competitive market.

Step 3 - Explore

In 2-4 monts we validate and take go/no-go decisions

Step 3 unfolds through six meticulous sub-steps, culminating in a decisive go/no-go judgment for the platform opportunity. This critical phase not only clarifies the venture’s potential but also secures the initial resources and funding needed to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), marking a pivotal moment in our venture-building journey.

1. Market Forces Scan

Step 1 lays the foundation by deeply understanding the customer. Through thorough market analysis and building detailed personas, we gain insights into customer needs, behaviors, and the market forces at play.

This initial step ensures that our platform or marketplace is precisely tailored to meet the demands of our target audience, setting the stage for a solution that truly resonates and delivers value.


Deepen your understanding of future user needs and market transformations

2. Demand Validation

In Step 2, we engage in demand validation, employing diverse methodologies to confirm the market’s needs. This rigorous process allows us to identify and understand the most pressing problems faced by our target customers.

The outcome is a clear, prioritized list of challenges worth addressing. This ensures that our venture efforts are focused on creating solutions that not only meet but exceed market expectations, establishing a solid foundation for success.


Prioritized, validated list of demand

3. Platform Business Model Design

Step 3 is where creativity meets strategy in our venture-building process. We design the platform solution, meticulously crafting the value proposition, service design, and business model.

This step is fundamental in articulating how our platform or marketplace uniquely addresses customer needs, differentiates in the market, and generates value. It sets a comprehensive blueprint for the venture, aligning our vision with the practicalities of delivering a compelling and sustainable solution.


Platform Vision and business model

4. Solution Validation

Step 4 propels us into the tangible realms of validation through prototyping and proof of concepts. It’s here that our solution concept undergoes rigorous testing, bringing ideas to life to assess their practicality and effectiveness in solving real-world problems. 

This essential phase ensures that our platform or marketplace not only resonates with target users but is also technologically feasible and scalable, laying a solid foundation for development and future growth.


Validated and adjusted solution

5. Go-to-Market Strategy / Chicken-egg-problem solving

Step 5 is pivotal, focusing on crafting a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for our platform. This involves tackling the critical “chicken-and-egg” problem inherent in building platforms and marketplaces, ensuring we attract both sides of the market effectively. 

We also identify and plan for the necessary capabilities and resources required for a successful launch. This step ensures we have a clear roadmap for market entry, designed to establish and grow our platform’s presence in a competitive landscape.


GTM strategy incl. chicken-egg-problem solving; required resources

6. Funding & Kickoff

In Step 6, we focus on ensuring the venture’s readiness for kickoff. This crucial phase involves creating a compelling pitch deck and securing the initial funding and resources needed to launch and scale our platform or marketplace. It marks the culmination of our preparation, translating our validated concepts and strategies into a powerful narrative for investors and stakeholders. This step sets the stage for turning our vision into reality, positioning the venture for a successful launch and sustainable growth.


Readiness to kickoff the venture incl. funding & resources

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