Ecosystem Strategy Playbook & Toolset

A practical guide, toolset and process for corporate innovators who want to make solid buy / build / partner decisions or to scale platform ventures.

From Strategy to Scale

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A proven process & toolset

Ecosystem Strategy Playbook & Toolset

“Ecosystems” is the new buzzword in management. But what does it actually mean to have an Ecosystem Strategy? 

We put our experience of the last 2 years working closely with corporates to create solid Ecosystem Strategies on 3 layers.

1. Corporate Portfolio Layer -> to make corporate strategy decisions

2. Market Ecosystems -> to explore and evaluate growth opportunities on selected markets

3. Platform Ecosystems -> to accelerate & stimulate network effects with the right partners

 This playbook and toolset is made for CEOs, CDOs, Head of Strategy, Head of Venturing and Growth Leaders of Platforms. 

From Design to Scale a Platform Venture

The 3 Layers of Ecosystem Strategy

Practical Frameworks

We remove the buzz and clarify what it means to have an “Ecosystem Strategy” with clear definitions on three layers.

This includes the shift from egosystems to ecosystem thinking and the dominance of new types of business models, based on network effects. 

Deeper explorations of the concepts of functional integration, an approach followed by Digital Masters like Apple.

And process blueprints how to integrate an ecosystem strategy into your corporate strategy processes.

Step-by-Step Process

In the last 2 years we worked closely with organizations to develop successful ecosystem strategies. Over the time we continuously fine tuned our processes and tools. 

The Guide outlines a proven and practical 8 week program helping you to identify and evaluate growth opportunities and strategic moves in selected market ecosystems.

Additionally it helps you to pick the right tools from our Platform Innovation Kit toolset for the required steps.

Practical Tools

Download the guide and you will receive practical tools we developed to shape your strategy together with your team. 

1. Ecosystem Journey Canvas to explore selected markets

2. Functional Integration Map to define your horizontally and vertically integrated portfolio

3. Platform Value Network to identify the right value propositions from your platform stakeholders (consumers, producers, partners)

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