We build & invest impactful platform ventures together with partners who truly care.

We build & invest impactful platform ventures together with partners who truly care.


We are the leading
platform company builder

We are entrepreneurs who invest, co-create and scale-up new businesses with a focus on digital platforms and a positive impact to planet, people and profit.

We make corporate venture building accessible for medium size companies. We love platforms, network effects and digital innovation. And we love to share our expertise with you. 

Become more successful – faster

Why you should
build your platform with us

30% higher success rate

Start-ups from venture studios have a 30% higher success rate. As we guide you and co-create with all of our experience, we reduce the risk to fail to a minimum.

Serial Platform Expertise

We are serial entrepreneurs and scaled >250 platforms worldwide. We know what it takes to win with network effects and platforms.

Skin in the

We co-invest and co-create together with you. We share the thrill, risks and opportunities of the early stage.

From Design to Scale a Platform Venture

Our 5-step co-creation process

Experienced founders & platform entrepreneurs

Who we are

We are
experienced founders

We are no consultant. We are entrepreneurs and serial founders – in our vision, in the way we work, in our methodologies, our mindset and ambition. So you better fasten your seat belt!

We are

All successful businesses are digital businesses. Our dedicated tech team covers web, IoT, web3 technologies supports you to build state-of-the-art platforms & marketplaces

We are

We share the risks of early stage and co-invest in our ventures. This is truly skin in the game. And this joint motivation drives success. It keeps the speed up and the costs down.


Meet our founders

Matthias Walter



Dresden, Germany

Sören Frost



Dresden, Germany

Alexander Friede



Dresden, Germany



Dresden, Germany

The secrets of our success

Experience, joint motivation, tech & platform expertise

Secret #1 - Platform Economy Toolset

Our Platform Innovation Kit (PIK) is the most advanced toolset for the platform economy – based on the experience of >250 platforms and used by more than 100.000 users worldwide making it the most advance business tool for platforms & digital ecosystems

Secret #2 - Fast time-to-market

Our fast time-to-market approach is based on best practice studies of fast product teams in the Silicon Valley. The FTTM methodology is an “add-on” for agile product teams allowing them to accelerate their go-to-market and to lower the costs-of-delay. We enable teams in 3 to 4 months to apply the principles and get used to the framework.

Secret #3 - Tech Stack

To speed-up the technical development of a platform we built a re-useable tech stack allowing you to launch within weeks. The backend tech stack provides platform common features like user management, transaction management, matchmaking options, etc. You can then focus on the unique frontend without dealing with the hazzle to build your own backend from scratch.

Our Mission

Create change with a purpose​

Building Sustainable Platforms

We care about sustainability and having a positive impact. Every platform we build respects at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will help to make the world a better place.

Strenghten the european Economy

70% of the unicorn startups during the past years have been platforms. Here lies a huge potential to make our economy stronger and protect it against crises and the dominance of foreign corporations.

Backbone of a new, digital economy

To us digitisation means more than just introducing a new software. Platforms offer the opportunity to create a whole new business and secure the future of millions of jobs within traditional companies.

Inside view on some of our startups

Featured Ventures

AOK plushelden.de

A platform for elderly people to find neighbourhood help during COVID-19 pandemic.

Change isn't made by watching from the sidelines.

Let’s change your business together.