The Boost Camp is the first step in our Venture Factory, bringing interested parties together to explore opportunities and form venture building teams. Kickoff for our venture building programs is January 2022.

Meet other corporates, investors and our venture development teams to develop opportunity areas & evaluate ideas for platform based businesses in selected ecosystems like IIoT, Healthcare, Mobility, Circular Economy, etc.
Each BoostCamp will host up to 10 potential corporates with up to 2 representatives per company. Facilitated by our senior entrepreneurs / founders.

3 full days of workshop, with presentations and group work
start at CW 40 – 4. October 2021


Businessmodel Lab – Comeniusstr. 109  – 01309 Dresden

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EUR 4,900 per company (max 2 participants per company)

We will send you an invoice. Upon receipt of payment you will receive the booking confirmation.

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Booking for Boost Camp

Procedure and timetable

Day 1
Ecosystem Vision


Presentation of ecosystem approach to platform business models & case studies of successful development and implementation

Discussion, elaboration & selection of high level focus areas for platform businesses


(in groups according to focus areas)

Analysis of the ecosystem with focus on: customers & stakeholders; competitors & substitutes; emerging technologies; culture & trends; laws & regulations

For main stakeholders identified: profiles & problem/need identification
Identification of opportunity areas for platform business models in selected focus areas

The Teams will come together and create a common understanding of the transformation & challenges of the future ecosystem.

Day 2
Opportunity Exploration


Ideation for platform business models for selected

opportunity areas
Assessment and selection of prioritized ideas

High level elaboration of ideas in business models (customers, value proposition, value delivery, value capture)


Identification of necessary partners in the ecosystem to participate in the platform, their roles and activities

Calculation of financial viability of the platform business models

The Teams will come together and create a common understanding of the transformation & challenges of the future ecosystem.

Day 3
Opportunity Selection


Preparation of high level pitch slides

Development of a long-term vision for the platform business model

Preparation of vision roadmap

Pitch in front of investor panel, discussion and feedback


Discussion next steps in the venture factory process, ways of working and requirements

Identification of missing partners in the ecosystem for successful development of platform business model

The identified opportunities will be reviewed and selected. At the end the teams will sign a co-creation commitment and join the program.

Booking for Boost Camp
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